Wade Fishing

Wade Fish Trout Fishing The Asheville area gives way to an abundance of diverse wilderness wild trout streams. If it's crawling from pool to pool casting big dry flies, or throwing weighted nymphs under cascading waterfalls, we've got the spot for you. Some streams provide roadside access for those of you who don't want to take a hike. However, if hiking into a remote stream where few anglers dare to go is your cup of tea, it's one of our specialties. Not only are you guaranteed to learn something, but you will be presented with numerous opportunities to cast to wild trout. Come let us take you on the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Wade fishing trips are available on the South Holston River, Davidson River, North Mills River and Pigeon River System.
Wilderness Wade Fishing
Trip 1 Angler 2 Anglers
Half Day Wilderness Wade Fishing $200 $275
Full Day Wilderness Wade Fishing $325 $400
All full-day trout fishing trips include a hot, gourmet shore lunch